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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space is needed for the party?

    • Our inflatable Battle Arenas need a space about 40 feet in length, 20 feet in width, and about 12 feet of height clearance.  The actual inflatable is a bit smaller, but we need some space around it to secure it to the ground and allow a safe path to walk around it.  The Battle Arenas can only be setup on grass or pavement.  Loose rocks of any type (limestone, decomposed granite, etc.), as well as low overhanging tree limbs, will damage the inflatables.​

  • What is the rental duration?

    • Minimum 6 hours.  We'll drop off and setup in the morning sometime before 10am, and then come back after 4pm, break everything down, and haul it off.  Setup and breakdown take about an hour each.

  • What types of surfaces do you setup on?

    • The preference is always grass.  It's safe for the inflatables, and it's easy on the knees for the players.  Smooth pavement is acceptable, as is soft dirt/sand with no obstructions (i.e. sprinkler heads, tree roots).  Any type of loose rock is unsafe for the inflatables and for the players, so please be advised that we'll refuse to setup on these, or any other unsafe surfaces.​

  • Does the price include setup and delivery?

    • Yes, if the event location is within our service area. 

  • What is your service area?

    • We service Georgetown, Texas.  If the event location is not a Georgetown address, please give us a call and we'll let you know if we can accommodate your request.  An additional delivery fee may apply to locations outside our service area. 

  • How often do you clean your inflatables and rental items?

    • We clean and sanitize the inflatables, blasters, and accessories after each rental. ​

  • Do I have to keep the blower fan plugged in and running the whole time?

    • Yes, you will need a 120v outlet within 50 feet of the blower fan.  It does need to run continuously to keep the Battle Arena inflated.​

  • Can you setup in a public park?  What if there is no electricity?

    • We can setup in a park, if the surface is acceptable for inflatables.  Keep in mind, many parks (San Gabriel Park is a good example) will require a permit to organize/host a party with an inflatable.​  If there are no electrical outlets nearby, you will need to bring your own generator (assuming they are allowed by the park).

  • Do you require a deposit?

    • Yes, typically $100.  This is a non-refundable deposit that counts towards the final  total, which is due anytime before the event starts.  We will send out an invoice via email before the event date, with a payment link.​

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    •  In the event of a weather cancellation, your deposit will be held as a "rain check" for a future event rental, to be booked within 1 year of the original reservation date.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your event (unrelated to weather), please notify us at least 7 days in advance of the reservation date.  Cancellations within 7 days of the reservations date will result in loss of deposit.

  • Are you insured?

    • Yes, we carry Inflatable Rentals liability insurance as required by the State of Texas.​

  • What types of payments do you accept?

    • Credit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay.  We prefer our drivers do not carry any cash.​

  • Do you require an injury/damage waiver?

    • Yes, signed by the party organizer.   Feel free to review it here. 

  • Are there rules the players need to follow while in the Battle Arena?

    • Yes, feel free to review the Party Rules here.  They are also posted on the side of each Battle Arena.


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