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Thanks for checking out Georgetown's ALL NEW party rental service!

Our goal is to provide a party experience that's fun and memorable for ages 8 and up, including the adults!  What we are providing is a "Nerf Blaster Battle" party, but with a couple of new unique twists.

First, wanted to keep this an outdoor event, but we didn't like the default setting up a dozen individual inflatable paintball bunkers in a big grassy field.  We settled upon custom-made inflatable "Battle Arenas" that keep the battling (and foam ammo) in a contained area, while still allowing the event to be held on grass or pavement.

Then, we found a "Digital Scoring System" that was more or less designed for this purpose.  Essentially, it's 10 impact-sensitive, wireless LED targets that react to blaster hits with light and sound.  The targets are mounted throughout the Battle Arena and add a cool video game aspect to the battle.  Score and time is kept via the "Red vs. Blue" digital scoreboard, with games around 3 minutes each.






Finally, it became clear that the only thing left was to include the best Nerf blasters.  This meant Rival only, so that you can actually hit your target.  We also include a nice variety of models so that everyone can find one they are able to operate comfortably.  And of course, it was important to include to plenty of ammo and extra magazines to make reloading as tolerable as possible.

Because we are all about creating an experience that's easy to organize, that's obviously SAFE and FUN, and with least amount of work required for the parents/organizers to keep everyone happy and playing hard!

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Kinetic Party Rentals specializes in mobile Nerf Rival Blaster Parties in the Georgetown, Texas area.  We provide a unique, safe, and fun party experience for kids 8 to 99 years old.

We've created a Nerf  blaster experience that no one else offers right now, so we hope you choose our services for your next party!

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Online Booking and Payment

Locally Owned

Family Business

Credit Cards, PayPal & Apple Pay Accepted

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